The American Film Awards® Brand and its platforms are focused on creating diverse opportunities and jobs for the marginalized and disenfranchised population amongst Hollywood’s creative talent and for those in the recognized mainstream.
Doors in Hollywood have always been shut. Every Hollywood studio is built like a fortress and its high walls and enormous gates are not a metaphor for keeping out. The barriers to entry are real, dreams are broken every single day and great films fall through the cracks because someone fails to see the beauty of unforced diversity. We are changing the way we should do business in Hollywood because our goal is to see the small story of an ordinary man in the small American Midwestern town, make it to the bright lights of Tinseltown.


  1. Make you fall in love with films
  2. Teach you what a good film looks & feels like
  3. Give you a pathway to break into the film industry
  4. Shine a bigger spotlight on film industry to reach the under-served
  5. Create more job opportunities for marginalized groups in Hollywood
  6. Increase diversity through job creation and projects for minorities.